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Psychology Facts – Did You Know This ?

What do you understand by the term Psychology?

Psychology Facts is often applied to the assessment and treatment of mental health problems, it is also directed towards understanding and solving problems in several spheres of human activity.
The Psychology means mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group.It is also the study of the conscious and unconscious working of our brain.The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

How Psychological Facts helpful In Your Daily Life ?

Psychology plays a very important role in our life and when you have the knowledge about how our brain works, we can make our life much easier. Here are some facts about our psychic that define why things happen to us the way they do. These might help you in understanding why you are wired that way.Psychology Facts explore behavior and mental processes, including perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, subjective experiences, motivation, brain functioning, and personality. This extends to interaction between people, such as interpersonal relationships, including psychological resilience, family resilience, and other areas.

Top 11 Psychology Facts about love :

Perfect love is the combination of passion, commitment and intimacy based on the triangular theory of love. Love is overwhelming, love is painful, love is sweet and love is devastating. It seems impossible to imagine this world and our existence without love. Love can mend a broken heart. Hearts can literally hurt from the emotional depth of love. Lucky are those who equally feel the same about each other. Let’s take a look upon some of the amazing psychological facts about love. People that are really close can read each other’s mind

  1. Some psychologists say that humans can not be “just friends” with opposite sex members.
  2. If you want to know if someone loves you, look at their eyes: if we are in love, the pupil expands up to 45 percent.
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  3. Top 11 Psychology Facts about Women/Girl:

    The ultimate way to get a girl to admit that she likes you is to ask her on a date. If she agrees, she’s basically telling you that she’s interested in you as well. This may take some courage, but if you really like this girl and want to find out if she likes you, it will be worth it.

    1. 80% of women use silence to express pain. You know she’s truly hurt when she choose to ignore you.
    2. When a girl talks  to you about her problems, that doesn’t mean she’s complaining. It just means she really trusts you.
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      Top 11 Psychology Facts about Personality :

      Personality can be determined through a variety of tests. Due to the fact that personality is a complex idea, the dimensions of personality and scales of personality tests vary and often are poorly defined. Personality is often broken into factors or dimensions, statistically extracted from large questionnaires through Factor analysis.The psychology of personality, called personality of Psychology Facts, attempts to explain the tendencies that underlie differences in behavior. Many approaches have been taken on to study personality, including biological, cognitive, learning and trait-based theories, as well as psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches.

      1. Your personality has its own smell. People can guess characteristics of personality just by your smell, because the body emits hormones and pheromones that we can detect in sweat.
      2. Your eating habits may reveal how you approach life.
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      Top 11 Scary Psychological Facts :

      Creepiness is the state of being creepy, or causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease. A person who exhibits creepy behavior is called a creep. Certain traits or hobbies may make people seem creepy to others. Reality is often stranger than fiction. Every once in a while we get a glimpse of just how chilling our world can be…and that blood-curdling truth hits harder than almost anything. Let’s just say that we don’t recommend reading this list alone at night.

      1. A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated.
      2. A body decomposes four times faster in water than on land.
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      Top 11 Psychological Facts About Brain :

      Physiologically, brains exert centralized control over a body’s other organs. They act on the rest of the body both by generating patterns of muscle activity and by driving the secretion of chemicals called hormones. This centralized control allows rapid and coordinated responses to changes in the environment. Some basic types of responsiveness such as reflexes can be mediated by the spinal cord or peripheral ganglia, but sophisticated purposeful control of behavior based on complex sensory input requires the information integrating capabilities of a centralized brain.

      1. About 75 percent of the brain is made up of water. This means that dehydration, even in small amounts, can have a negative effect on the brain functions.
      2. You can survive longer without food than you can without sleep.
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      We know what we are but not what we may be.

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